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Lead Generation Made Easy

HearingBI integrates with hearing screening tools to provide hearing clinic customer leads. Access leads in real-time and view the performance of your screening devices in the field.


Designed for Hearing Clinics

Business intelligence created for hearing clinic owners and managers. Customize your organization with lead generation tablets assigned regions and stores. Compare results to ensure the highest number of leads across all tablets.

View Results in Real Time

See leads, contacts, questionnaire information and hearing screening results as customers complete the screenings*. Follow up on screenings to ensure leads are fresh.

*Tablet requires an active WiFi connection

Customer Focused Hearing Screening

Use a fast hearing screening designed to qualify a lead in a standalone environment. The entire process takes under 3 minutes and provides immediate customer hearing loss feedback. Lifestyle questionnaires are also available to help engage the customer. The tablets are designed to be used unattended in pharmacies, physician offices, assisted living facilities, community events and more.


Fill Hearing Clinic Schedules

Use this new form of marketing to find community leads and nurture the leads into patients. Use our built in customer tracking to follow the customer until the hearing clinic appointment is made.


Filter to Only Qualified Leads

Build a database of both contacts with hearing loss and without hearing loss. Keep your practice top of mind for those not quite ready for hearing healthcare.


Qualified Leads

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